False Domestic Violence Accusations on Men and Dads – women can be a fake accuser

False Domestic Violence Accusations on Men and Dads – women can be a fake accuser

False domestic violence accusations on men and dads are a huge problem in the United States. Dads lose custody because of these false accusations. But why do women lie, and how can you protect yourself from being falsely accused?

In many ways, it’s surprising that there are so many false domestic violence accusations on men. In fact, it’s more common for women to be falsely accused than for them to be victims of abuse, according to a report by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV).

What makes this type of false accusation so dangerous is that the courts and professionals are often tricked by women who make false allegations of domestic violence against men. They may believe they’re protecting their children or themselves when they make these accusations—so they’re not likely to be prosecuted for their crimes.

In addition to losing custody of their kids due to false allegations, these men also lose their jobs and other assets as well as time in jail if convicted at trial or by plea bargain. It can take years before these men get their lives back on track after being falsely accused by a woman who lied about being abused by them just to gain leverage over them during divorce proceedings or custody battles

False allegations of sexual and domestic violence

False domestic violence accusations on men and dads are more common than you might think.

This is a huge problem, because these false accusations can lead to the loss of custody of your children.

False domestic violence accusations are often made by women who want something from men—money, revenge, or attention. Women will use whatever means necessary to get what they want from men. This can include making false domestic violence claims against them.

The problem is that judges are often tricked by women who make false domestic violence claims. They see a picture of a bruised face and assume it’s true when in reality it isn’t. Judges don’t understand how manipulative some women are and how easy it is for them to make up lies about anyone who has upset them or done something that upset their pride or ego in any way at all!

Fathers Fighting False Allegations

False domestic violence accusations on men and dads are a real problem in our society, but it’s also caused by a false accusation.

The way the law works is that if someone accuses you of domestic violence and you’re found guilty by the judge, then you can lose custody of your kids. And this isn’t just happening to dads—it’s happening to all kinds of parents.

We’ve all heard the stories about women who make false accusations of domestic violence in hopes of getting what they want: money, revenge, or even an apology. But while these stories can seem unbelievable, they’re actually very common.

Protecting Dads Against False Domestic Violence

Dads, do you know how many men are falsely accused of domestic violence? It’s more than you might think. Some estimates put the number at nearly 50%. That’s right—half of all men who are arrested for domestic violence are innocent. And it doesn’t end there: not only do these men lose custody of their children as a result of false accusations, but they also pay thousands upon thousands in legal fees, which can be incredibly difficult to afford if you’re unemployed or on public assistance.

But what happens when women make false accusations against men? You may be surprised to learn that the probability of a woman falsely accusing a man is actually higher than that of a man falsely accusing a woman! Why? Because women have been conditioned to believe that it’s their responsibility to protect their own feelings and those around them, while men have been conditioned to protect themselves and defend their reputation at all costs. But when it comes time for these two groups to work together as partners in raising children (or other family members), these false accusations get in the way.