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If you are a Dad and you are going through a divorce/custody struggle, HelpDads is for you. We are a taskforce built for you and to help you. It is a journey which is very difficult to go through. Not too many dads go through it clean and healthy. Some dads could no longer see their kids. A few dads even ended their own life.

Our goal is to Help Dads become a success. With us, you are going to win legally and emotionally. You will get your life back on track.

As a dad going into a storm, what you need are:

  1. Our WINNER BOOK and updates
  2. A connection network to hook you to friendly lawyers, counsellors, expert witnesses who will desperately help you.
  3. A vocal channel for you to rant.
  4. A saving plan for you to leave your legacy to make your every fight COUNTS.
  5. A PR stunt to maintain your magic Dad Power to your children/family

With supports of many dads, HelpDads are able to maintain a working group to help the next needed dads. We are happy to start to help you. Please let us know more about you: