Happy Wife, Happy Life: False Accusation and Lost Custody

Happy Wife, Happy Life: False Accusation and Lost Custody

You know the saying: “happy wife, happy life.” Well, it’s kind of a joke. Believe it or not, when your wife goes to extreme happiness at the cost of your long-time endurance, you often ended up with False Accusations and Lost of Child Custody.

We all know that marriage is a partnership. We all know that we are going into (or already living in) a world of gender equality and equal shared parenting of our next generation. when a man treats his spouse like she’s the only thing that matters in his life, he’s setting himself up for failure. Insiders who had this experience will definitely tell you why. She will become more important than anything else in his life and she will make him insecure, which will lead him to neglect other things. She will make him to forget who he really is.

Professor Matthew Johnson of University of Alberta has recently proved this well-known phrase incorrect. To make his spouse a “happy wife”, it can cost the man’s life. Little by little, the chemistry at home is no longer a balanced equation. And the horrible thing is, when you realize it’s off-balanced, your wife might think it’s off-balanced too. You think she got too much, but she thinks it’s you who got too much and who has not been thankful enough for what she has done. You are sure she has been accusing you for something not real. False accusations everywhere. Then she starts the endless lists which you totally don’t agree on. Many of the items are even untrue. This fight, as you can guess, usually ends with you walking away, she winning again, and “happy wife, happy life”.

You definitely don’t want to end up with False Accusations and Lost of Child Custody. The truth is, happy wives have husbands who do most of the work for them. Wives are happy, but husbands’ life start to get miserable. It’s detrimental to your kids too. It’s time for a radical change in our thinking. We have to stop thinking about happy wives and unhappy husbands and start thinking about happy husbands and unhappy wives – this is assuming that it’s still not too late to reverse.

The myth about a good marriage is that a man has to sacrifice everything for his wife. That is not true. A husband should not be encouraged to give up his ego and become submissive to his wife. In fact, many people forgot that this is totally not gender-equality. Those same people try to shout for equality while wanting to see men got overpowered by their wives. Oftentimes, men came to a total defeat and lost child custody and even obstructed to see his child(ren).

If it’s too late for you to realize it, you are advised to start it all over again. A spoiled spouse can not be returned to the one who used to love you and care about you. However, there is still another lady waiting for you in a distant future. However, you have to be brave enough to give up “Happy wife, happy life”, and pursue the real happy life by starting your divorce process. It will be a hard time to go against your unhappy wife, but trust us, it’s all worth it after all.

We will continue to write out more finding as time goes on.