Hate My Wife: A genius tactic to painless divorce

Hate My Wife: A genius tactic to painless divorce

Hate is an emotion that any adult can use as a tool. During your divorce process, you will usually find that all your good intentions have been twisted by your wife. At this time, turning the love into hate by the “Hate My Wife” tactic might give you surprising results.

Why does it work? The happiness of fathers is built on a good future. Dads once wanted to be good dads, good lovers, good husbands for the rest of their lives, but now they found themselves blackmailed by their wives. Fathers are losing “nice man” scores every day. Turn your goal into hatred will help restart.

Hate is not meant to hurt, but to cut it off and start anew.

Today we are going to talk about the emotion of hatred, how to use it freely without getting out of control. How to use it properly to help yourself get out of the abyss of pain and have hope again for the future?

The Secret of the “Hate My Wife” method

First of all, let’s take a look at the emotion of hatred. When we decide to be a bad person, what is the difference from being a good person?

Emotions like anger and hatred are often associated with negative outcomes such as violence, division, and discrimination. In some cases, people who feel intense hatred toward certain groups or individuals may act out in harmful ways, leading to conflict, suffering, and trauma for all involved. Furthermore, the perpetuation of hatred can contribute to the creation and reinforcement of harmful social and cultural norms and beliefs, which can have a lasting impact on the well-being of communities.

However, hatred can sometimes motivate people to take action and make changes under difficult circumstances. It is possible to channel feelings of anger and hatred into productive action, as long as you insist in give out healthier, more constructive ways of expressing and addressing one’s emotions.

Psychologist found that hatred can have the following positive impacts:

Fuel for competition: Anger and hatred can also drive individuals to compete and strive for excellence, whether it be in sports, business, or other areas of life. In the father’s divorce case, the fuel is important to remain competitive during the family court process.

Personal growth: In some cases, individuals who experience anger and hatred can use these emotions as an opportunity to reflect on their own thoughts and actions, leading to personal growth and self-improvement. Fathers can grow multi-fold during and after the divorce because of the hatred.

Mobilization for social change: Feelings of anger and hatred toward social injustices can motivate people to organize and mobilize for change, leading to the creation of movements that work to address the root causes of these issues. Fathers who have been through difficult unfair circumstances in family court can turn the anger and hatred into social change for the a better world.

Turning hate into positive motivations

The emotions that come with hate are arrogance and cutting off. Some fathers are too soft, too caring, and too empathetic. Now, we have to let our male trait come out a little more. Be confident, arrogant, self-centered, although this is only a temporary imagination. We transform the pain into positive hope for the first time.

You can try to imagine:

1. Imagine yourself as a hero. You must have seen hero movies and heard the music of heroic epic. Fathers in divorce are much like the tragic heroes in the movie, who are being slandered badly. And just like in the movie, it seems that there is no hope of turning around.

2. Imagine yourself as a martyr for a bad bad era. While everyone doesn’t know about the bullying on fathers, you are actually at the top of the trend by being one of the first victims. Everyone laughs at you, but you laugh at them in return because they are already out-dated. You are a pioneer of this generation.

3. Imagine yourself as the front-line journalist of this battle. There is a reason for you to experience these tortures. It might be your assignment to record this down into something. Don’t let the stories just come and go. Speak it up and publicize it, for future generations.

Fathers, turn your hate into long-term plans

We don’t want the “Hate My Life” tactic to make us do stupid things. Hatred can be transformed into a constructive long-term plan. Let us continue to move forward until that plan is completed. Here are some examples of a contructive, positive plans as a result of hatred:

1) Reorganize a new family in a few years. Have more kids. this is the ultimate revenge plan for fathers. It might be weird at first, but when you see your ex-wife and your kids are not what they used to be. This can make yourself happy. Some fathers have done this before. For example, Steve Jobs had a daughter with his ex-wife (who would go on to publish a book after his death), but he formed a second family who have been very low-key and harmonious, just like Steve Jobs’ personality. Usually the second family will be much better.

2) Write a book within a few months: The world needs more people to understand the pain of fathers. In the past 20 years, there have been books from professionals about fathers ordeal in divorce, but there are very few books authored by victimized fathers. Many fathers told me they want to publish books. However, thanks to fathers’ strong self-healing mechanism, they got happier too soon before they can wrote a book. If you have a book published, you will effectively turn the biggest failure in your life into a book of greatest success in your life.

3) Start a new successful career within a few months: You can make your ex-wife and her friends shocked in awe. You might become another person who is so successful in a new career beyond everyone’s imagination. For example, you turned yourself into a certified expert and help people to become a totally nice man in the eyes of many.