How to win a custody modification case? 4 ways Dads can make surprise turnaround

How to win a custody modification case? 4 ways Dads can make surprise turnaround

The easy way to win a custody modification case is to prove to the court that your child’s wellbeing will substantially improve if the suggested changes (i.e. custody modifying from the mother to the father) are accepted.

In theory, a judge awards custody based on what they perceive to be the best interests of the child. You must prove to the court that your child’s wellbeing will substantially improve if the suggested changes are accepted. The keyword here is “improve”. You don’t need to prove your world is the best for the kids. You just need to prove that it’s an improvement/enhancement versus your children’s current environment.

The first step of everything is to show that you have a good relationship with your children and can effectively communicate with them. This means attending all scheduled visits, communicating with your ex-spouse via phone, email, text message, WhatsApps, etc. and asking questions about their time with your child. The second step is showing that you are willing to cooperate with any recommendations requested by your ex-spouse. The third step is showing that you have a plan for meeting those recommendations. Finally, you need to show evidence that shows why these steps will result in substantial improvement in your child’s wellbeing.

Fathers, let’s win a Custody Modification Case!

It’s the most important decision you’ll ever make, but it can feel like a lot of work. And it’s not just a matter of proving to the judge that your child’s wellbeing will substantially improve if the suggested changes are accepted—you also have to prove that they will improve in other ways as well. If you’re struggling to find what every parent wants in a custody modification, here are some tips for winning your case:

1. Make sure you have an attorney who is experienced in child custody matters, and who has experience representing fathers’ rights. This might be very difficult as every lawyer will make you think he/she supports you a a father but in fact he/she is just ghosting. You need referrals of other Dads who had been through similar struggles as you.

2. Present judges with evidence of why their decisions will be good for your child (and vice versa). It may be very hard to get the evidences you need. You might overheard something, or your kids might have told you something. All these are not sufficient as legal evidences. You need someone who can share their “fathers-only” legal strategies with you.

3. Clearly communicate with the judge about what kind of custody arrangement you want and how this will impact your child’s wellbeing in the long term (when possible).

4. Offer reasonable alternatives if they don’t agree with you on any part of this plan; be prepared for them to reject these alternatives outright! You can change your strategy, and fight again. You need to cling onto the process with extensive patience – you need company/companions through time.

Reasons a Judge Will Change a Child Custody Order

Winning a custody modification case is hard, but it’s not totally impossible. Throughout the world, we hear many successful cases. These are very valuable in our study towards this matter.

It’s even harder when the judge, who is (theoretically) acting in the best interest of your child, wants you to change your mind about what’s best for them. But you can also play the same card and reverse the judge’s mind, too.

You may think that custody battles are only fought between mothers and fathers. But they’re not. Custody battles are fought between parents who want to keep their children and those who don’t care whether their kids live under the roof they grew up in or not.

If you’re fighting a custody battle right now, it’s important to remember that nothing is more important than keeping your child safe and happy—and also keeping yourself patient and hopeful. You will win one day because when you see this article, you know you are no longer alone!

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