Wife makes more money in divorce: Your odds of winning children custody over her

Wife makes more money in divorce: Your odds of winning children custody over her

When you’re married and in a relationship, it’s easy to think of the other person as your partner. You might even view yourself as equal partners in your relationship. But that’s not always the case. In fact, there are many instances where one partner makes more money than the other and that can affect their relationship. For example, if your wife makes more money than you do, she could potentially use this fact to get a divorce from you.

This could happen because she feels like she has been taken advantage of by being married to someone who isn’t able to provide for her financially. She might also feel like she has been cheated out of child custody because she is now in a relationship with a man who doesn’t have enough money to support his family properly.

If this happens to you or someone close to you, then it’s important that you understand why this might happen so that you can avoid it happening again in the future!

When She Earns More: Divorce Considerations

If you’re considering divorce, you may be wondering what it will mean for your custody and child support issues.

The law is clear: if you’re the one who gets divorced and you make more money than your husband or wife, then you’ll likely get custody of your children. You’ll also likely get more child support than your spouse does. That’s because spouses should be treated equally under the law, regardless of whether they have similar incomes.

But what if there’s a huge difference in incomes? For example, what if one spouse makes $150,000 a year and the other makes $30,000 a year? In this case, the higher-earning spouse would likely still receive custody of their children as long as they live with them at least 50% of the time (which would be difficult). They’d also likely receive more child support than their spouse.

If this situation sounds familiar to you—you’ve got a high-earning spouse who might want to consider divorce—you might want to speak with an attorney before jumping into anything. An experienced attorney can help guide you through this complicated process so that it doesn’t hurt your family financially or emotionally

Who makes more money vs. Who gets child custody

If you are considering divorce and your spouse is employed, there are some factors to consider in regards to child custody and the ability for your spouse to retain access to children.

Child Custody

In a divorce situation where one party is employed, it can be difficult if not impossible for that person to have full custody of their children. If they are able to retain custody, they have more control over the amount of time they will spend with their children and what activities will take place with them. The non-employed parent may also have less access to their children’s school records and health care records.

Child Support Payments

If one of the parents earns significantly more than the other parent, this can make it possible for him or her to pay lower amounts of child support payments; however, this is not always the case. If one party earns significantly more money than another party during a divorce or separation, he or she may be required by law to pay an amount that exceeds his or her income level in order to ensure that he or she will not become financially unstable as a result of paying child support payments

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