Counselor family on way to divorce: why fathers should hire a counselor for your kids FIRST

Counselor family on way to divorce why fathers should hire a counselor for your kids FIRST

In family court, evidences from professionals (such as counselor family child therapists, etc.) are often called in to help the judge make decision. For instance, one parent can hire their own child therapist during a divorce. A child therapist can provide an independent evaluation of the child’s needs and offer recommendations for the child’s best interests, which can be taken into consideration during the divorce proceedings. The court may also order a child custody evaluation by a child therapist to provide additional information.

Providing false evidence in a court of law is a serious matter that can have far-reaching consequences. The role of a child therapist or any other professional in a legal case is to provide objective and accurate information that can inform the court’s decision-making process When a therapist or any other professional provides false evidence, they are deliberately misleading the court and potentially influencing the outcome of the case in an unjust manner. Such actions can also harm the individuals involved in the case, particularly children who may be the subject of the court proceedings. It is essential for child therapists and other professionals to maintain the highest ethical standards and to always provide accurate information.

However, some fathers are seeing their divorce cases being twisted by false (or exaggerated) evidence provided by child therapists. The therapist might be hired by his ex-wife and see their children without the consent of the father. The words of the children and the transciption of the child therapists makes the judge believe how bad this father is in the eyes of the children.

I have seen several fathers being smeared like this. The child might mention that the father is not easy to get along with. He is indifferent. He has a temper. Sometime the child might say daddy likes to say bad things about mommy. Often the fathers will not hear these words directly. Fathers will not even know such an therapist document exists until they see it in the court documents. The father will be very angry because the “father in his eyes” said by the child is not the real you. You are accused and planted – through the words of the child in the child therapist’s counseling room. Since it’s your ex-wife’s therapist, it is not surprising that the therapist listens to your ex-wife.

Counselor for family becomes the “hitman” of one parent?

In fact, your suspicion is real. As far as I know, even some professional law firms are closely affiliated with therapist agencies themselves. Or, the lawyers might have therapists working as “partners” across different cases. The therapists will be getting evidences needed to win the case.

I heard a case where the wife wanted to divorce her husband, but the husband didn’t want to divorce. So the wife asked her husband to go to a marriage counselor together. And, the words that the husband said to the counselor turn up in the family court few months later, and become strong evidence for divorce. The husband finally realizes that the reason why his ex-wife invites him to a marriage counselor is that she ouldn’t find a reason to divorce. This is ironic. The husband went into a marriage counseling to save his marriage, but it turns up to accelerate the divorce as planned by his ex-wife.

The most important key to this matter is that the counselor (even for family or marriage) or therapist should not be hired by one party, especially for the child’s therapy. Marriage is an infectious disease of modern people, and therapists are our doctors. We should protect the professionals from becoming a hitman in the family court.

4 Intelligent ways to help yourself

There are four points you can consider before and during your divorce:

1. If you are to find a counselor or therapist, you must find one by yourself in private, preferably without the your ex-wife knowing. Many fathers are eager to have therapists who are willing to listen to them. But don’t reveal too much to them unless they are hired by yourself. This is to prevent the notes being revealed to the court.

2. Act fast and arrange a child therapist for your child before your wife does. When you ask to see a child therapist for your child, there is usually no reason to refuse in the early stage. Moreover, looking for a child therapist is something unlikely for a father to do. From the perspective of caring for children, hiring a child therapist makes you look like a more maternal father. It also signals that you are actually a father who respects the psychology profession and understands that children are very susceptible to divorce.

3. Keep your children’s articles, photos, and paintings with you. Among all the evidence of children obtained by child therapists, many of them are paintings. They will claim that the child drew this dark hell and dad was in the middle of it to hint that he hates his dad. This kind of evidence, directly written or drawn by the children often imposes a great effect in the court. So please keep your children’s works to show the court to express how you care about children in happy times and the interaction between children and you is very good.

4. Look carefully at all the evidence. In the court’s documents from the child therapist, some information may have been exaggerated and even faked. A father saw the picture of his child’s drawing to the child therapist and found that the strokes were not from his child. He showed the judge his child’s previous drawings. You can surprise the professionals who are already so used to making exaggerated evidence to be caught in your hands.