HelpDads vs. father’s right groups

HelpDads vs. father's right groups

Father’s right groups are diverse. There are different groups having different proposals. HelpDads stands out at a very different angle with a single for-good purpose of “helping fathers”.

Why should we help fathers? Why do we want to target this group of people (Dads) to help? Can you help a man who is not a father?

It’s important to know that we do not exclude any particular category of people to receive our help. We help fathers and non-fathers, men and women, of all genders, as long as they are facing the difficult time in divorce and child custody. We just prefer to focus our resources on “fathers” who are clearly experiencing tremendous hardships of the century, and we are going to help them with love.

HelpDads are inclusive and welcome both men and women

So, let’s get started. How is HelpDads different from other organizations?

1. HelpDads does not intend to propose revision of law. Revising the law is the main axis of many father’s rights movement organizations. While the laws may take years, if not decards, before being revised to stop the hardship, we have to help fathers NOW. Every day, fathers are suffering. We need to continue to work diligently to help the fathers as much as we can.

2. HelpDads members consist of men, wemen and all genders. This is completely opposite to some male organizations which might only allow male members. On the contrary, women are very important to help fathers. Our idea was inspired by daughters of suffering fathers and sister-in-laws of suffering men. Helping fathers has nothing to do with gender, race, religion and nationalities. Anyone who seek more knowledge and resource to help fathers around him/her are welcome to join us to obtain a license. Dads need assistance from different people.

3. HelpDads doesn’t mean cutting him off from society or never getting married again. As some organizations promote to isolate men from society and express despair for the opposite sex and even marriage, HelpDads is the other way around. We want to bring dads back into the enthusiasm for the world. Fathers have to see clearly that their hardship is not their fault, and they can go on a beautiful life with a tolerant and understanding heart to care about all the men and women in the world, including their children.

Why does HelpDads only help dads? Not for father’s right

There are other important clarifications before we go into details.

First, why don’t HelpDads help mom with equal resource? Since HelpDads is a “taskforce”, it’s important to have a simplistic mission statement to make sure the task is getting done. In Canada, for example, among 557 government-funded residential facilities for victims of crime, only 24 reported being mandated to also serve men in addition to women. Therefore, the most important thing about this mission is to direct our limited resources to our primary target of helpee – Fathers. Not only the fathers who come to us, we should also reach out to other fathers who need help.

Also, why don’t HelpDads help men without children? When you are divorced and not involved with the children, the hardships are quite different. After reading this, you will know the fathers’ hardship has a lot to do with their entanglement with children. Another  important thing is, if we use this certificate to help other men, the information we learned from HelpDads will not be that useful. We may overlook some important things. So, men not having children is not our main target to be helped.