Why fathers are important? Why should we Help Dads?

Why fathers are important? Why should we Help Dads?

It is not easy to explain why fathers are important in a short paragraph. Fathers play a crucial role in the development and well-being of their children. They provide emotional support, guidance, and financial stability, and they help to shape children’s values, behaviors, and self-esteem. Research has also shown that children with involved and supportive fathers are more likely to perform well in school, have better social skills, and experience less behavioral problems. Additionally, having a positive relationship with their father can have a lasting impact on a child’s mental and emotional health into adulthood.

Before we discuss the importance of having the presence of fathers when raising children, we have to first ask where did the father go? When you begin to delve into the facts, you might start to realize that they key is not to help the children to reunite their fathers, but to help the fathers through the hardship of 21-century marriage, and to help the father reunite with their alienated children after a bad divorce.

Why is HelpDads a big thing?

HelpDads is a very promising industry. According to research, fathers encounter complicated problems before and after their divorce. They are also a group that is more likely to commit suicide in the event of relationship struggles. Maybe you haven’t heard of these fathers and it’s all because fathers are not used to expressing their thoughts and their emotion to the outside world. Their tears are often shed behind closed doors and shed silently behind their backs. Sometimes fathers may not be tearful, but their heart have already been shattered. Usually, if you are not the immediate family members  such as the father’s children, you won’t be able to meet such a father easily.

What can HelpDads do to help? Fathers are usually the stronger side physically. But, in terms of mentals, fathers are easily defeated. So, the support provided by HelpDads is mainly psychological, informational, interpersonals…etc.

Because fathers are good at rational analysis, as long as fathers’ mood is restored with sufficient psychological support, fathers can continue to rely on the large number of information we provided (and these info are experiencers’ wisdom which are not found on the internet). These information will help fathers go through the difficult road of divorce, protect themselves and their family. We try to find best way to help fathers “divorce painlessly”.

HelpDads was co-founded by a group of Canadian multinationals. Please see how it differs from other fathers or men initiatives and how HelpDads is inclusive with both men and women.

The Idea of helping fathers

The original inspiration came from the concept of “Hero Papa” proposed by the well-known Asian writer “Mr. 6” in 2019. In this 28-page Hero Papa illustration book , the author describes how a father wants to be a hero since he was a child. After entering marriage, he has to protect his wife and children.  In the end, the broken family was finally reunited. The father continues to help other dads, turning himself into a stronger Hero Papa.

The main task of HelpDads is to help more fathers to go through the pain of divorce and the pain of losing their children custody. The original inspiration came from several respectable women. Lisa was alienated against her father by her mother when she was a child. She was not allowed to meet her father often. She was also put into belief that her father was not nice and therefore she would act very coldly to her father when he came home occasionally. After growing up, in her 20s, her father suffered from terminal cancer and expressed despair with his child at the hospital bedside. Lisa realized that she had been treating her father badly. In the last year before his death, Lisa accompanied her father every day. After his death, Lisa also took the initiative to reach out to help other fathers. Not only Lisa, we are also seeing several grown-up children who couldn’t see their father back then, have turned the guilt into the strength to help more “present” fathers.

The other is a teacher in a public school. Her family is happy, but she sees her husband’s younger brother, who has not seen his daughter for a long time. His daughter secretly saved lunch money and bought train ticket to see her pharmacist father. And, the father would bought lunch and had lunch with his daughter. Sweet memory suddenly came to an end when his mother found out one day. The daughter can no longer take trains to see her father. As a result,  the father committed suicide a month later. The teacher hopes to provide this past event to help more fathers.

There is another father who jumped off from the 20-story high-rise building after suffering from severe depression because he could not see his child. Due to the deliberate misinterpretation by the media, the public has the impression that this dad couldn’t see his child because of depression, and not because of deliberate alienation. We hope that this organization can try to find out these fathers who are crying secretly on the 20th floor, help them in time to win back their lives. We cannot save the fathers in the past, but we can save more fathers in the future, so that their children see their fathers after they grow up.