Narcissistic in Woman is an underreported domestic violence, according to researchers

Narcissistic in Woman is an underreported domestic violence

Narcissistic in woman? Although both narcissism and verbal violence can occur in people of any gender, it is also important to realize that men are as vulnerable as women by narcissistic spousal violence. In many cases of divorce, women are the de facto abuser. Unfortunately, while being victimized, men often “underreport” this type of domestic violence. In fact, researches have shown that, in some circumstances, men did not even realize they have fall into victim of intimate partner violence (IPV) until the situation became much worse.

According to Spousal Violence in Canada 2019 reported by Statistics Canada, of the victims who did not report spousal violence to police, the most common reasons for not doing so were that the incident was a private or personal matter and handled informally (68%), the crime was minor and not worth taking the time to report (61%) and no one was harmed (55%). This is exactly why the narcissistic in woman has been tolerated and underreported. According to the same research, men were more likely than women to say they did not report to police because no harm was intended (56% versus 37%) and no one was harmed (64% versus 49%).

Obviously, what is really happening is much more severe than the victims realized.

Narcissistic wife: The perfect storm

Narcissism is a personality trait characterized by an excessive sense of self-importance, an exaggerated need for attention and admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. Narcissistic individuals may display a range of behaviours, such as an inability to take criticism, an obsession with fantasies of power and success, and a preoccupation with their own appearance.

Verbal violence refers to the use of language to hurt, degrade, or abuse someone. This can take the form of yelling, name-calling, threatening, or using insults or other forms of derogatory language. Verbal violence can be harmful and can have serious psychological and emotional consequences for the victim.

Both Narcissism and Verbal violence are something very intangible and difficult to describe. Therefore someone who’s spotted narcissistic traits in his wife or female partner might even have difficulty in telling exactly what happened in the way that would convince anyone. It is especially difficult when the narcissistic mother of their children tends to assert a very charming charisma to people who don’t have time to know them well.

The Silent Violence by a Narcissistic Woman

While violent men would inflict visible wounds which would serve as a solid evidence in court, the violence in a silent format is almost impossible to be put into evidence. When facing the obvious silent violence by his narcissistic female partner, men might try to use recording device (in audio or in video) as an attempt to put the verbal or emotional violence into an evidence. However, the listener/watcher of that witnessing evidence is often carried away by the charismatic trait of the narcissistic person.

And, the invisible violence does turn into physical ones. In all, 3.5% of Canadians experienced self-reported physical or sexual violence from a spouse in the five years preceding the survey. Once again, spousal violence was significantly more common among women, with 4.2% of women experiencing such violence compared with 2.7% of men. This represented approximately 432,000 women and 279,000 men in Canada.

If you are experiencing verbal violence or suspect that someone you know may be a narcissistic individual, it is important to seek help and support. This could include talking to a trusted friend, family member, or mental health professional. In particular, if you are a man and you want to win over a narcissistic individual in courts, you need to consult someone who really understands the peculiar situation that men are facing against female narcissists.